Friday, November 21, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 7

This is a continuation of my playthrough of the DramaraQuest V hentai parody JRPG of Dragon Quest 5.  The first part is here.

Back in the village we pick up the little girl being bullied earlier and she joins the party (not that new additions to the party actually do anything other than follow us around blindly on the world map).  The new girl’s name is Baby Panther or something like that.  There was a series of yes/no’s, which I think I screwed up navigating.  After that we leave Bianca behind while Pops drags us back to the first village.

(At first I thought I screwed this up.  Later on I realised I was missing an NPC sex scene as there was a gap in the recollection room.  I thought it might have been here, so I used an old save game to go back and check.  But no, same as before regardless of which options I take.  Hmm, definitely missed someone somewhere.  Never mind.)

a sad empty space where a mucky pic should be

I’m not sure why Baby Panther is following us around.  I think she exists in the game purely because there’s a similar character in the original Dragon Quest V.  (A quick google check reveals that there was, and it was an actual baby big cat that ended up joining the hero’s party).

Hmm.  What now?  The right-side entrance to the caves is still blocked by the book house dude.  Talking to the new dodgy priest who’s appeared next to the church doesn’t help much either.  All he does is rob us of our shiny gold globe.  That doesn’t trigger anything new either.

This is the part of JRPGs I really hate.  It’s just as bad when the text is all in English.

Eventually we find a fairy hiding out on the second floor of an inn.  Rather pointlessly she relocates to the basement of the inn, forcing us to trudge back to there to trigger the next event.  Down in the darkness she asks us for a favour.  She warns us it’s a little bit dirty . . .

Yeah, we know what that means.

She needs this to return to fairyland.  Any old excuse . . .

Again I’m wondering what the other girl in the party is doing while Luka-clone is vigorously banging the fairy.  Poor lass is going to need several years of therapy once this little adventure is done.

Then it’s off to . . . colourless land?

There’s another sprite on a throne.  This time she’s friendly.

Ah, the reason everything is whited out is because fairyland is stuck in perpetual winter.  Cue next quest segment – find some kind of magic flute to trigger the start of spring.

There are a few friendly monster girls in the fairy village, including a slime girl making a snowman (Hmm, shouldn’t she be frozen?  Do slime girls freeze?)

Then it’s off out into a new world map – ice world.  What winsome enchantresses are waiting for our intrepid protagonist in this winter wonderland?  Find out next time.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 6

This is a continuation of my playthrough of the DramaraQuest V hentai parody JRPG of Dragon Quest 5.  The first part is here.

On the other side of the ghost-shaped door is a monster girl with an inordinately large hat.  I’m not sure if you’re supposed to use the clothing break spell to remove it, if it comes off after half damage, or doesn’t come off at all.  As I finish her off with a big crit, I don’t get to see.

(I did come back later and it appears to be a none-necessary use of the clothing break spell.  The girl is another ghost, a repeat of one of the monsters from the first DramaraQuest.  As with that monster girl, her pussy has an additional tongue which she uses to good effect on our balls in the Bad End.  It’s only your life energy being slurped out, don’t worry about it, Luka-clone.  It’s all in a good cause.)

Then it’s off to a throne room for what I assume is the first real boss fight (although the stone statue girl was also classed as a boss judging by her position in the recollection room).

Or maybe not.  Confronting the ghost on the throne causes a trapdoor to open and drop us down to the bottom floor.  Oh hi again, buxom ghost girl.  More hot wax on my cock, yes please.

On our second entrance into the throne room the ghost sprints off.  Thankfully it’s a short chase and we corner her on the balcony outside.

Cue boss fight music.  A neat theme, if a little ominous for a fluffy H game.

Ha ha.  Her special attack has three mini-spirits licking Luka-clone’s cock.  Not exactly sexy, but certainly amusing.

After defeating her there’s a yes/no option I don’t understand too well.  Hitting yes gives us a gold globe, I think.

(Hitting no causes thunder to growl and the game to scowl at you until you select yes. So there's nothing missed by not taking the other option.)

Then we’re immediately sent to the village in daytime and the cluster of three kids on an island.  This seems an appropriate point to break for now.  Next time we’ll be off . . . where?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 5

This is a continuation of my playthrough of the DramaraQuest V hentai parody JRPG of Dragon Quest 5.  The first part is here.

After a little sortie in the outside world, it’s off to the next dungeon – a spooky castle.

Hmm, burnt out bonfire.  Massive double doors to enter.  Anyone having flashbacks here?

Rargh!  The demon with the fat arse is going to mash us into the flagstones again.

(Dark Souls reference)

(Other aside – wouldn’t a porn parody of Dark Souls be awesome.  Prepare to Die . . . Sexily!)

The main door to the castle is locked.  There’s a ladder on the right-hand side.  Climbing up leads to an open door on the topmost floor.  It looks like we’ll be fighting our way down to unlock the main gate from the other side.  On the second floor down a bunch of ghosts materialise and spirit Bianca away.

Rescue the princess . . . uh, innkeeper’s daughter.

Then there’s a bit of weirdness.  On a parapet outside I find two gravestones – one with Luka-clone’s name, the other with Bianca’s.  She reappears after touching her gravestone.

Well, that was a short rescue mission.  A ghost in the next room moves some bookcases and exposes a stairway down.  Another ghost in another room mentions we need to find something (a torch) by a piano to defeat ghosts.  A few staircases later and a stone statue comes to life and tries to molest us.

The crude animation is done fairly well here.  There are sprites layered over each other to give a greater semblance of movement.  In this case it’s the stone statue giving her hips a little swirl.

She beats me.  And this time it’s legitimate rather than ordering Luka-clone to throw the fight.  I’m probably under-levelled from trying to rush through too quickly.  In the Bad End she keeps swirling those hips around with Luka-clone’s dick in her pussy.  Nice.

And there’s no real cost to losing.  We wake up outside the castle by the bonfire.

During the rematch I realise she’s probably a mid-boss character given the change in the battle theme music.  She also has a buff to her attacks after her boobs are uncovered.  That would explain why she critted me from nowhere.  I also notice that I learnt a healing spell after going up to level 4.  That makes the fight somewhat easier.

Downstairs there are a few new monsters and we find out the reason for the anti-ghost weapon.  It’s the key to open a door (the passageway blocked by an angry black cloud).

Roaming around finds a new monster to play with – a crazy chick with a scythe and chains.  She’s less threatening than she looks and talks a lot about being the experienced “older sister” when she fucks us.

Down another flight of stairs and there’s the piano.  It’s also the bottommost floor and we can now open the front door.  A nice shortcut for when we “accidentally” lose to these sexy spirits.  In the piano room are two more new monsters:

A flame spirit (I think we might need an asbestos condom here, Luka-clone).

And a rather buxom ghost candle girl.  I guess she likes a bit of hot wax play.  She’s definitely hot stuff (Ba-da-bum.  Sorry).

Checking the piano reveals inevitable angst over whether I’m standing on the right spot when checking it as there’s bugger all there.  Then there’s much running around and wasted time while I try to figure out which trigger I’ve missed.  Did I read the old duffer ghost’s task right?

Yes, I did.  After going back to check, turns out the old duffer had it wrong and it was in a chest of drawers in his room the whole time.

Ha ha, hilarious.  Fuck you, DramaraQuest.  Grumble grumble.

Anyway, that’s the key to get past the door masquerading as an angry black blob.

Join us next time for part two of the spooky castle.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 4

This is a continuation of my playthrough of the DramaraQuest V hentai parody JRPG of Dragon Quest 5.  The first part is here.

After escaping the second village with Bianca in the lead, we’re finally allowed out into the big wide world.  I predict much throwing of Luka-clone beneath the busty globes of various lusty monster girls.  Sorry dude, nothing personal, I have readers to think of.  It won’t be so bad.  This isn’t Violated Hero or Monster Girl Quest.  I’m pretty sure the cute monster girls are not going to eat you.

There are a bunch of different monster sprites roaming around.

Taking a step outside of the game, I wasn’t sure how to handle this for the playthrough.  With games like VH and MGQ most of the fun is seeing what bonkers things the monster girl does to us in the Bad End scenes.  While DramaraQuest is creative in how it converts the regular monsters of Dragon Quest into sexy monster girl equivalents, the Bad End scenes are fairly limited.  It’s the same moves as from the ‘fight’, but with the addition of a Press to Ejaculate button.  The dialogue is mostly the same, so if I tried to write it up in the same detail as I did for Violated Hero, it would start to get very repetitive very quickly.

In the new area the new encounters are:

Green worm (looks like a lamia on the map, but is some kind of caterpillar girl).

Plot Rabbit (although doesn’t have the rabbit ears you’d expect for a bunny girl).

Weasel (with a weasel-snake wrapped around her like a boa).

Over the bridge is a green slime girl.  I was expecting her to be a palette-swapped version of the blue slime, given how heavily the first DramaraQuest game leaned on that.  This time the makers are less lazy and we get different artwork.  She’s more curvy and gloopy.  I’m guessing this is the monster-girl-arized version of Bubble Slime.  She even has a poison/aphrodisiac attack.

Unfortunately the lack of creativity in the Bad End scenes becomes apparent again.  In other games this would be where the brave hero gets a sexy glooping.  DramaraQuest has a disembodied penis randomly poke in the direction of where a vagina might be.  It doesn’t really work.

After bonking everything in sight it’s time to take Luka-clone off to the spooky castle, which I’ll cover next time.

(Yes, this is short post.   I’m experimenting with shorter and more frequent updates.)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hentai Game Preview: CardQuest2

I spotted a link for this while browsing Camel’s blog on D-Gate (I think Camel is a creator and part of the D-Gate circle, apologies if I get this mixed up).  Camel is known for sexy vore work.  They created the Milia Wars game and also created some additional scenarios for Monster Girl Quest featuring Cecil, a hapless female knight.  

Card Quest was a game they put out a while back.  I liked the quirky mechanics of it.  It was an RPG, but rather than be another JRPG-maker clone they abstracted the exploration aspects of game play away and replaced them with a card mechanic.  Pick one of six cards and it turns over to reveal rooms, monsters or traps.  You keep going until you hit the monster card and then, after beating it, move down to next level.  Every so often there is a boss fight. 

Card Quest varies from the normal games I look at as it has a female protagonist.  It’s also explicitly vore rather than sexy Bad Ends with the occasional vore of games like Monster Girl Quest.  Camel’s Bad Ends are usually hit and miss for me.  I liked the slime girls from the first Card Quest, but the scenes of giant worms, frogs, and disembodied stomachs slurping up girls don’t do anything for me.

Camel does draw some sexy monster girls, though, which means their stuff is always worth a look.
From a brief look at the demo, CardQuest2 looks to be drawing on Japanese mythology.  The main character looks like some kind of female ronin and they buy new items between levels from a kitsune (fox girl).  The random mooks are various spirits.  The first boss I saw was a variation on the Futakuchi-onna, or two-mouthed woman, I think.

The second boss was a frog girl or kappa riding a giant toad.  The Bad End is the toad swallowing the protagonist.  Not really surprising given that this is a vore game.

Neither of those scenes hit the spot for me, but judging by the artwork, the game also has lamia and spider girls (or JorĊgumo, to use the Japanese mythological creature).  I’ll give it a look when it comes out.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 3

When I picked up DramaraQuest V and blasted through half of it (while making notes) in one night, I did think this was one playthrough (1st part is here new visitors) I’d be able keep to a regular, maybe daily, schedule.  Hmm, last week didn’t quite work out that way.  Let’s see if we can get back on track this week (with this and other writing!)

Last off we were dragged out of the first dungeon after receiving a sexy malleting by our friendly neighbourhood soldier.

Back in the cave we find some stairs down to level two.  The first encounter is a new monster girl.  She looks very succubus-y.

I might have ‘thrown’ this fight as well.

I suspect our friendly neighbourhood solider might be starting to get a little suspicious.

Down on level two of the caves I do a bit of exploring and the trigger event is in the southwest corner.  There’s a girl sprite with blue hair with a pink bow in it.  A soldier runs past us, leading me to believe this will be the first boss fight.  We can’t explore elsewhere and come back because there’s some odd pheromones preventing us from leaving.

Well, I was sure this was going to be a boss fight, but it ends up being a H-scene.  I think the girl might be the adult version of Flora from the boat.  Machine translation doesn’t help here.

After doing the deed the girl fades away.

There’s a big rock in the cave.  I have no idea what to do with it, same as I have no idea how I’m supposed to reach the boat on the first level of the cave.  Maybe they’re just decoration.

Back to exploring the caves and there isn’t much else apart from another one of the mallet girls chasing a girl in a bug costume.

Back out of the cave and there’s the obligatory JRPG flail around while I try and figure out who to talk to in order to advance the story along.  This time it’s the innkeeper.  He tells us to get some rest for the night and the next morning Pops is back to drag everyone off to the next village to drop some medicine off.

The game is still on rails apart from the talk-to-everyone-in-the-village bits.

When we get control back Bianca, the innkeeper’s daughter is tagging along.  This is going to make the hentai battles a little awkward – “Look away fair innkeeper’s daughter while the debauched monster girl with the huge boobies sucks me off.”

There are no battles for the moment as we’re still trapped in the village.  Lots more blah blah blah while I try to find the next trigger person.  Most of them tell me snippets about a castle and a ghost, which I assume is the next dungeon.  The trigger to advance the story appears to be talking to a group of three children.  After that talk Bianca suggests going back to the inn for the night.

Bianca wakes us in the middle of the night.  Everyone in the village is asleep, most importantly the soldier guarding the entrance, so finally it’s time to go exploring and enter the world map.  Come back next time to see what perverse perils await our intrepid hero out in the big world. 

Friday, November 07, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 2

Hmm, a little later than planned - some real life turmoil to sort out at the moment.

This is part two of my playthrough of monster girl hentai game, DramaraQuest V.  Part 1 can be found here.

After Luka-clone is stickily molested by the slime girl, we wake up in the hut by the sea none the worst for wear (and possibly with a big grin).  After a swift rematch it’s time to march off into the great wide . . .

Or apparently not.  Pops rushes out and drags us off to the next village.

Aw Dad, we’re 18 now (okay, I’m not totally sure on this, but I’m going to treat it as such otherwise all the sexy snu-snu starts to feel a little icky.  We’re here for the monster girl boobies after all).  We can go out on our own.

Pops doesn’t seem to think so.  He drags us all round the village to introduce us to everyone.  Family visits in the game world are just as much as a drag as they are in real life.  Then the daughter of the innkeeper, Bianca, drags us upstairs and shows him a book full of naughty pictures.  The rest is predictable . . .

Hmm.  That never used to happen to me on family visits.

The protagonist of DramaraQuest 1 had a girl in every town if I remember correctly.  I suppose it makes a change from running away from the girls that want to have sex with you.

Then we get control back and it’s time for the usual JRPG chore of running around the village talking to everyone.

Churches tell you how much XP is required for the next level (I think this is a feature of the original Dragon Quest series).

North of the village a river enters a cave.  The right side is blocked off by a dude in the doorway to house full of books.  The left side is open.  Taking a peek in reveals the first monster visible is a slime girl.  This is one upgrade from the first game.  Rather than the black clouds or circular portraits we get little chibi sprites of the monster girls roaming the land.  As it’s a slime girl, I’m guessing this is the next dungeon to visit, but I’ll walk around the rest of the village first.

The exit out of the village is blocked by a soldier, so I guess the only thing to do is enter the cave.  Looks like we’re on rails for now.

Time for a new monster and she looks a little prickly.  Thorn girl.  Are you about to go all Violated Hero on us here, DramaraQuest?  Nope, no THORN PUSSY! in the Bad End.  DramaraQuest is a lot more vanilla than other monster girl games.  The monster girls are largely ‘animal ears’ monster girls (normal hot babes in a monster girl costumes that are discarded when it’s time for the fucky-fucky).

For thorn girl we need to use that magic spell to remove her undies.  As with most of these games, get their HP down below half and the tits come out.

Some observations on the main screen menu options after the battle:  Masturbating (1st option) restores HP.  Going to the recollection room (3rd option) causes wandering mooks to respawn.

A little deeper and it’s monster girl number 3.  It’s a crazy girl in an executioner’s hood and armed with a mallet . . . with a sex toy in it.

Fair play, that’s imaginative.  I’m guessing she’s the monster-girl-erized version of this fella:

This is one of the fun things about the DramaraQuest games – seeing how they'd converted some of the weirder Dragon Quest monsters into monster girls.

Hammergal puts her mallet to good use in the fight and carries on using it in the Bad End.  After giving us a proper malleting she moves onto the fucky-fucky until our hero collapses in happy exhaustion.

Insert obligatory "Hammer time!" reference

There doesn’t appear to be any cost to throwing these ‘fights’.  A friendly neighbourhood soldier drags you out of the caves after the monster girl has had her naughty way with you.

Hmm, in that case I might as well go back in and throw a few more ‘fights’.

Come back next time as we penetrate deeper into this dark, wet cave (oo er, missus).